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How to Access AWS From Azure VM Using OpenID Connect

In the day to day operations of a software application, it is common to be in a position to manage and handle multiple cloud providers at the same time.

This can be due to the business requirements or because of technological constraints on the primary cloud provider of the company.

In this blog post we will see how to grant an Azure Virtual Machine access to AWS services, without storing any long-lived credentials and with the power of OpenID Connect.

If you've worked with either cloud, or want inspiration on how to apply this technique to your setup, then this blog post is for you.

Kubernetes The Hard Way

You might've solved this challenge way sooner than I attempted it. Still, I always wanted to go through the process as it has many angles and learning the details intrigues me.

This version, however, does not use any cloud provider. Specifically, the things I am using differently from the original challenge are:

  • Vagrant & VirtualBox: For the nodes of the cluster
  • Ansible: For configuring everything until the cluster is ready
  • Cilium: For the network CNI and as a replacement for the kube-proxy

So, here is my story and how I solved the famous "Kubernetes The Hard Way" by the great Kelsey Hightower. Stay tuned if you're interested in the details.