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Integration Testing with GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is a great CI/CD tool to automate the daily operations of your application lifecycle in many ways. It comes with a lot of features out of the box and even the ones that are missing are wholeheartedly provided by the community.

There are many great and brilliant engineers working daily to provide a fantastic experience for the rest of us.

In this blog post, you will learn how to perform your integration testing using GitHub Actions with all its dependencies and services spun up beforehand.

Stick around till the end to find out how.

Ory Kratos: Headless Authentication, Identity and User Management

Authentication flows are quite common in the modern day software development. What we want from one authentication has a lot of overlapping funcionality with what our other applications need. Even across different industries, you can still see the same patterns apply when it comes to Identity and User Management.

Ory Kratos solves all that user management under one umbrella of identity server, providing a clean headless API that you can ship your own UI with. It empowers you to customize the frontend, while preserving the ever-common backend that is backed by the robust SQL database.

In this blog post, we will cover the introduction and basics of Ory Kratos, as well as the steps and guides to write your integration client.

If you've always wanted to stop reinventing the wheel, reduce code duplication and to follow security best practices, then Ory Kratos and this blog post is for you!