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Secrets Management

GitOps Continuous Deployment: FluxCD Advanced CRDs

FluxCD is a powerful ecosystem of GitOps operators that can be enabled on-demand as per the requirement of your environment. It enables you to opt-in for the features you need and to disable the ones you don't.

As the complexity and requirement of your environment grows, so does the need for extra tooling to cover the implementation of the features you need.

FluxCD comes with more than just the support for Kustomization and HelmRelease. With FluxCD, you can also manage your Docker images as new versions get built. You can also get notified of the events that happen on your behalf by the FluxCD operators.

Stick till the end to see how you can take your Kubernetes cluster to the next level using advanced FluxCD CRDs.

External Secrets and Immutable Target

If you have worked with External Secrets Operator before, then you know how it eases the operation of managing the secrets in the Kubernetes cluster. It supports many backends and is very powerful.

However, there is a nuance. The External Secrets Operator allows you to define an immutable target secret, sealing the secret shut from future changes unless explicitly deleted and recreated, which is perfect if you never want to modify the secret. But, change is the only constant in the world of IT, and you might want to change the secret in the future. This is where immutable can catch you off guard, as it did mine. This is my story and how I solved it.